Corporate Wellness Workshops Day

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

9:00 am to 6:30 pm

The Great Room, 23/F One Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, HK


In collaboration with Balance Health, join us for a day of workshops centred around your health and wellness in mind, body and spirit. 

with Certified Wim Hof Instructor, Brian Lai

Breathwork is meditation on jet fuel! Breathwork allows us to re-calibrate and elevate our internal state to match the nonstop demands of the external world. It is the most powerful, transformative and most accessible tool for self-regulation, optimisation and deep inner work.

Experience optimal and peak states starting in just your initial sessions of breathwork. Discover why Navy SEALs, elite athletes, UFC fighters, biohackers and Silicon Valley CEOs are turning to their breath to guide them to perform at their very best anytime, anywhere. Experience it for yourself and try a session today

with Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Ruth Lee

Learn to get an immunity boost by applying acupressure and drinking the right herbal teas for your body. This workshop comes with meridian exercise. 5-Elemental Meridian Exercise is a self-healing discipline designed to unclog blockages in our meridians and promote Qi (life energy).

The exercise will involve meridians stretching, acupressure, and singing bowl meditation which aim at bringing about a healthy body and soul. This exercise is also beneficial for the torso, joints, and helps with digestion, stress, anxiety and focus.

with Psychotherapist, Astrid Merkt

Building mental resilience and improving your body’s stress tolerance, is the name of the game for the final workshop of the day. Learn how to increase your stress tolerance, build mental resilience, and better regulate your emotions against difficult times. When your outer world is unknown, become better acquainted at how to prepare, strengthen and better equip your inner world to fight back against all odds.


By Invitation Only! RSVP Required.

TO RSVP: CLICK HERE, and let us know which workshop you’d like to attend.



About Brian Lai
Brian is a breathwork coach from Australia. He discovered breathwork during his journey to find answers to some health issues he has been living with for a long time. His search eventually led him to Wim Hof, who is best known for his superhuman abilities and 26 world records. From 2016 to 2017, he had the privilege to be trained directly by Wim Hof, becoming the first certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method in Australia and Asia. He has continued to grow in the field of breathwork studying with other modern day masters including Patrick McKeown (Oxygen Advantage/Butekyo), Stig Severinsen (world’s greatest free diver), Kasper Van Der Muelen (Biohacking Breathwork) and Dan Brulé (breathing coach to Tony Robbins and Navy SEALs).

About Dr. Ruth Lee
Dr. Ruth Lee is a registered Traditional Chinese medicine doctor who specializes in herbal and acupuncture treatment for menopausal syndrome, infertility, weight control, sleeping disorder, skin conditions such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne, herpes zoster, neck and back pain and facial paralysis. 

About Astrid Merkt
Astrid focuses on a balanced approach to therapy to treat the human being as a whole; healing the body, mind, and soul. With a background in youth and family counselling, clinical counselling, emotional release techniques, and yoga therapy. She works with both high achieving professionals, couples, adults, and children. She has been helping people transform their lives for over 10 years, and has created the “3-M’s” system for success to optimize the way you feel, move, and think. The 3-M approach combines practical and theoretical knowledge stemming from “Mindset” training, the benefits of “Movement”, and practices of “Meditation”.