The Great Room launches ESG Collective to build an ecosystem of people across Asia Pacific working on ESG impact. Learn More

The Great Room launches ESG Collective to build an ecosystem of people across Asia Pacific working on ESG impact. Learn More

Our Story

In many of the world’s finest homes, a space known as The Great Room forms the heart of the property. It’s an area that lends itself to quiet discussion, moments of thought and study but also serves spectacularly for meeting, socialising and entertaining. It’s a superb spot for a think or a drink, for business or for pleasure. That is the story behind the name and our vision of becoming the modern-day version of a place where people got together. In 2016, The Great Room was born to change the way people work, meet and socialise.

We were inspired by the demand for a more holistic space in which to conduct business – the desire for somewhere to gather, create and innovate rather than merely get things done. Because beyond productivity, work is also about new conversations, connections, inspiration, contemplation and repose. The Great Room is designed to be the perfect backdrop to the highlights of life happening.

We understand that a dynamic workforce has a broad range of requirements, and catering to unique needs calls for flexibility. Our dedicated office offering is perfect for both exciting enterprises and up-and-coming organisations seeking to house a burgeoning business and our shared spaces are created to allow a new generation of self-starters to network with the best and the brightest. Each location is set in prime city spot within a thriving neighbourhood that’s business friendly and brimming with terrific restaurants, shops and nightlife. They each offer a unique design point of view and is tailored to its setting, while sharing the same elevated environment that will enrich the way you work, think and socialise… Making life “all work, all play.”


Dona Inthaxoum

Dedicated Office

“Being part of The Great Room has had the halo effect on my company because we have been able to leverage on the insightful community. I love the cinematic views of the CBD and the aesthetics of the venue on how it resembles a stylishly designed hotel lobby; it is professional yet warm and inviting, making it the perfect setting to host clients.”

Christian Barker

Hot Desk

“I’m a big believer that a beautiful work environment results in beautiful work, and The Great Room’s aesthetics couldn’t be more on point. It’s somewhere I’m creatively inspired, proud to meet with clients, plus it’s great catching the buzz off the like-minded entrepreneurs I share the space with.”

Leon Foo

Business Club

“I really appreciate The Great Room for its well-designed interiors and curated events and talks. More importantly, it has also built a vibe and community with camaraderie, allowing me to make easy and valuable connections that has definitely value-added to me as a business owner.”

Our Team

The Great Room is run by a team who is passionate about providing our members with the most fulfilling experience possible, both professionally and personally. We live our ethos of “It’s all work. It’s all play.” Our backgrounds are as diverse as our passions – from real estate, banking, high-end hospitality, workspace design to photography, culinary and whisky. And, with our roster of member events – from wellness sessions and thought-leader chats to cocktail soirees — we are experts that bring together communities of like-minded professionals. We’re always interested in meeting nice people with superpowers, so if you’d like to be part of our team, please take a look at our Careers page.

Our team