Monetary Authority of Singapore launches ESG Impact Hub at The Great Room, Afro Asia. Learn More

Monetary Authority of Singapore launches ESG Impact Hub at The Great Room, Afro Asia. Learn More

The Future of Work
is Flexible

Insights on how agility and adaptability
helps leaders future proof
their businesses

From business expansions to rapidly changing markets and responding to evolving work and corporate culture preferences, the ability to remain flexible is key.

Without compromising standards, we’ve built the foundations of The Great Room on flexibility and it’s what we believe will enable businesses and leaders to thrive.

Work Flexibly

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Hybrid working arrangements

Custom solutions that meet today’s needs. No one size fits all approach here

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Flexibility = Scalability

An agile partner on your journey of business expansions and optimisations

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Workspaces at the ready, for when the time calls for them

Dedicated office

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Reduce upfront CaPex investment and invest in what matters

Flexibility Journal

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What Employees Want From the Workplace After COVID-19

We talked to employees from five different industries to get a picture of what they want from their workplace as they start to spend more of their time in the office. Read on to learn how their expectations have shifted over the past year.
Flexibility, News and Views

Enterprise Solutions: Coworking Thinks Big While Remaining Agile

The shared workspace offers benefits that reach far beyond mere hot desking. Discover the custom, hybrid solutions coworking can provide to the modern enterprise in the rapidly changing world of work.
The Great Room Bangkok, Hot Offices
Flexibility, News and Views

Out with the Traditional Office, in with the New Sustainable Future of Work

What didn’t work in 2021? How can we do things differently in 2022? It’s time to consider new ways of working so you can build a more productive business that lasts the distance. As one year ends and another begins, many businesses are reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. For many, the rigidity of…
Flexibility, News and Views

Path to Greatness: Workspace that’s as Agile as Your Business

Flexibility is the way of the future in the world of work, and on-demand space opens up a whole host of opportunities for businesses. Forget downsizing or upsizing. Now, it’s all about rightsizing by creating a bespoke office space that supports your company mission, and your people. Find out how coworking can help you build…
OTP Drawing Room
Flexibility, News and Views

In Great Demand – Making Flexibility Your Superpower

Flexibility is the way of the future in the world of work, and on-demand space opens up a whole host of opportunities for businesses taking a hybrid approach. When it comes to work trends for 2022, flexibility is the name of the game. People are choosing – in fact, many are demanding – flexibility; in…
Flexibility, News and Views

The Great Scheme of Things

For founders trying to focus on the bigger picture, coworking offers fully customisable, hybrid solutions that take care of all the details, so you can focus on what matters. The last year and a half has been a rollercoaster ride of changes: companies were thrust into remote working, pivoting to operating online almost overnight. Since…
Briefing, Flexibility

The Future is Flexible, The Future is Coworking

When it comes to the way we work, the data is clear: the future of work resembles a different beast entirely from the one that it was in 2019. The events of the past year-and-a-half have been largely responsible, leading to a global work experiment that we’ve all participated in. Our findings? Hybrid strategies are…
Briefing, Flexibility

Why Work-From-Anywhere Is The New Work-From-Home

Move over WFH: it’s all about WFA now. WFA, if you’re not familiar with this increasingly pervasive acronym, stands for work from anywhere. As KPMG points out in embedding new ways of working, the pandemic has demonstrated on a global level that many jobs can be done from anywhere. With technology as an enabler, remote work…

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The Great Room has nine locations across Asia’s gateway cities, including six in Singapore. All are located in prime neighbourhoods, with workplace solutions that fit organisations large and small, and all customisation requirements. Find out how we can help your business adapt to the future of flexible work.

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