The Great Room joins the Industrious network expanding international footprint. Learn More

The Great Room joins the Industrious network expanding international footprint. Learn More

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Get to know our Director of Enterprise Sales: James Michaud

What is your morning hack for a productive day? Start off the day with some exercise! I would wake up for tennis at 6.30AM, followed by a light swim. Enjoy a cup of double espresso and make sure to listen to music on the way to work. What is the best $100 or less purchase you…

The Great Room Ong George Street

Breaking with Tradition: From Conventional to Co-working

With the traditional idea of ‘the office’ rapidly evolving, outdated inflexible office spaces no longer best serve the needs of forward-thinking teams. Find out how Law Firm THAT.LEGAL has made a break with conventional legal offices by shifting to The Great Room and the surprising benefits they’ve discovered in the process. For law firm That.Legal,…


Long-term Greed and Why it Matters

Jaelle AngCEO and Co-founder of The Great Room At The Great Room, my biggest challenge and my greatest satisfaction come from our commitment to being ‘long-term greedy.’ Gus Levy of Goldman Sachs coined the term, which is about playing the long game rather than looking for a quick buck – forging long-term relationships with clients…

Briefing, Flexibility

Why Work-From-Anywhere Is The New Work-From-Home

Move over WFH: it’s all about WFA now. WFA, if you’re not familiar with this increasingly pervasive acronym, stands for work from anywhere. As KPMG points out in embedding new ways of working, the pandemic has demonstrated on a global level that many jobs can be done from anywhere. With technology as an enabler, remote work…


Homegrown and Growing

From fashion to finance, some of your most familiar regional brands are rooted in Singapore They took root on the Little Red Dot; and with ambition as their seeds, they are sprouting in cities around the region. As Singapore celebrated their 55th birthday this month, we honour some of the regional names that have their…


Working together, staying together

How coworking can complement your company’s talent-growth strategies The COVID-19 pandemic is unchartered waters for the global economy. It’s a period that calls for all hands on deck—a crucial time for businesses to focus on its people. Of all the fires to be putting out during this critical era, staff attrition shouldn’t be one of…


Workplace Wellness: Be Well, Work Well

Wellness is the key to unlocking your best self both at work and at play. We help you – and your team – achieve optimal wellbeing and operate at peak level. Endorphin-releasing breathing exercises. Chakra- balancing practices. Qi-circulation improving massages. While these can seem esoteric to some, taking care of wellness – from physical, mental…

Front Row

Team Work, Dream Work – Tried and Tested Practices in the Workplace

At The Great Room, we are all about going the distance together. We speak to three companies that share our people-forward values – and how their team-building philosophies have strengthened the company. PWC SINGAPORE United by mission Think team drinks are frivolous? Think again. Harvard Business Review writes that  “people intrinsically seek joy. And joy…


Meeting Expectations: Working Digital Engagement Platforms to your Advantage

The Great Room invites communications strategist Tan Shou Chen and voice and presentation coach Petrina Kow to share insights on nailing those virtual meetings. Video-conferences and meetings seemed like the perfect solution in the age of social distancing. But are they? Slow servers and poor internet connection can easily kill the momentum of a discussion; a…