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Mark Edleson,
Founder of Alila Hotels & Resorts


Your Great Room – Downloadable Backdrops for your Zoom/Skype Meetings

There are these moments when we don’t have the ‘right books’ on our shelves (because we are actually reading them bedside) or we couldn’t quite decide between 2 designer cabinets. To make sure we never need to look anything less than grown up, wherever we are. Here are some backdrops of The Great Room for your next Zoom meetings.

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The bit and pieces of learning, entertainment, wellness, work and tech for working from home


Goals versus Storytelling | The Power of Storytelling

Workplace goals are useful, but they’re just part of the process. Here’s why storytelling matters. Who doesn’t love a great story? Whether you’re reading it, watching it, or listening to it, a compelling story will have you captivated; for minutes if not hours. Stories are something we hear and tell every day; to ourselves, to…


The Power of Pause

When life is good we enjoy it fully and when life throws us a curveball, remember that better days are on the way… The human race has never before united by a singular enemy, democratic and global. And we are responding, in record time and record numbers. As scientists race towards new diagnostics, antivirals, vaccines and therapeutics at exponential speeds, we are also figuring out new things for ourselves. We still need to believe, even when it is difficult to do. We need to straighten our shoulders and develop a little resolve to ride out the uncertainty.

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Conversation with My Mentor – Jaelle Ang and Mark Edleson

In this inaugural session, Jaelle Ang, CEO and Co-Founder of The Great Room chats with Mark Edleson. A legend in the hospitality industry, Mark has been associated with a number of successful brands in his multiple roles: as a founding partner of hotel management company GHM Indonesia and leading global operator of resort spas Mandara Spa Asia, and founder of Alila Hotels & Resorts, which was acquired by the Hyatt group in 2018. Here, we sift out the shining nuggets of wisdom:


Go Deep: How Focused Work can Set You up for Success

Forget multi-tasking. Deep work is the key to boosting productivity and performance. Here’s how to do it. Last year, a McKinsey Global Institute survey, “The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies”, found that most professionals spent an average of 28% of their work-week reading and answering emails. Your inbox is probably just…


5 Tips for Leading Through Adversity

Helping corporate captains steer their ships through troubled waters happens to be what Paul Harvey has built his career on. From The Great Room at Centennial Tower, Harvey applies his extensive experience with executive coaching and leadership development programmes to his role as partner at organisational design consultancy Synthesis. Here are his leadership strategies for guiding a team through crisis.


Fighting an Invisible Enemy: CEOs against the COVID-19 Slump

Does the viral crisis call for wartime CEO mentality? Make no mistake, this is war. Yet it is a war like no other, for the opponent is not a competition after market share or trying to outdo you in a tech race. It is an insidious virus that hijacks the lives of the man of…


Personal Kanban: How This Organising System can Boost your Productivity

While many productivity tools focus on achieving more and ticking the boxes, Personal Kanban emphasises working and living better, boosting your overall productivity. Here’s how it works, and how you can make it work for you.