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Hong Kong’s Decentralization of Business Districts: Why Major Brands are Moving to Quarry Bay

Central is no longer the only core business district in Hong Kong. High Rental Prices Driving companies to look outside of Central Thanks to Hong Kong’s continued growth as Asia’s leading financial hub, the demand for Grade A office space in Hong Kong continues to grow with vacancy rates in the traditional CBD area of Central, hitting…


Live in the Moment and Be Great at What You Do

Zi En, Co-founder of HASIKO, is a former banker turned serial entrepreneur and a qualified Pilates instructor. HASIKO was founded to empower people to lead their best lives by forging strong connections with their mind, body and self.

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Home & Away: Leaving Home for a Hot Desk

Journalist, editor and brand content consultant Christian Barker explains why he ‘left home’ for a desk at The Great Room. Working where you sleep does have its downsides — as I discovered during a year freelancing from a home office. It was terrific having the ability to send my kids off to school in the…

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Drive to Succeed: How to Accelerate Your Content Marketing Efforts

Luann Alphonso is the managing editor of vastly popular online portal and the head of digital content for Singapore and Malaysia at top international publishing house, Burda International Asia. Here, Ms. Alphonso, who is also a passionate auto enthusiast and respected motoring journalist, reveals the lessons she’s learned at the wheel of the world’s…


Enterprise Solutions: Coworking Thinks Big

Corporates are increasingly gravitating to coworking, attracted by the simplified set-up process, increased flexibility, reduction of replicated or redundant resources, and bespoke solutions coworking can offer. Director of Enterprise Sales at The Great Room, Sarah Ingham, explains why.  Establishing a new, permanent office in a city requires significant capital expenditure and generally, locking into a…


Peak Performance: How Entrepreneurship Is Like Climbing Everest

The incredible people at The Great Room is at the heart of what we do. This is a story about GRIT and GREATNESS. One of our long-standing hot desk members, Paul Valin (MD of Samara Consulting) provides support to European startups establishing operations in Southeast Asia, helps identify strategic partnerships, offers advice on angel investments and mentors…


Why Coworking Is The Future of Work

The traditional workplace has just about had its day. Boasting numerous benefits in terms of profitability, sustainability, employee satisfaction and performance, coworking is clearly the way of the future. Technology means many of us no longer need to travel to a central repository of information and hub of collaboration — what has traditionally been known…


The 3 Essentials of Successful Corporate / Startup Partnerships

Jupe Tan is Managing Partner, Asia Pacific, at Plug and Play — an investments and innovation platform that helps startups in areas including fintech and insurtech, mobility, travel / hospitality and supply chain connect with corporate investors. Here, he explains three key points corporations must address and startups take under consideration before sealing a deal….

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Creating Consumer Lust

As part of The Great Room’s second anniversary celebrations, Erica Kerner, Tiffany’s VP of marketing and communications Asia, gave a fascinating talk exploring how this storied jeweller so successfully stirs desire in the consumer. These are some of the most thought-provoking remarks Erica made during a half-hour discussion with moderator Christian Barker. Christian Barker: Today’s topic…